In explaining to Talia why we had to take the van to the mechanic… Rachel: …so they can check the brakes to make sure they work right. Talia: Do the goers work? *   *   * Context: Every morning my alarm clock goes BOING!!! BOING!!! BOING!!! During Caela’s puppet show tonight she was pretending her puppet […]

Talia: Dad, can I have a piece of popcorn? Me: Not yet. I need to add the salt. Talia: [In whiny voice] But I really want one… Me: Just wait, honey. Talia: [Yelling as loud as she can] PRETTY PLEASE!!!

A snippet from a present-giving barrage. A: It’s kind-of-ish small for me. [Handing present to Talia] T: I like it… Can I have another present? A: Sure… T: Make sure it’s a clo, because I like clo[the]s!

“Pic-mic table.” – Talia “Can I have some more buckleleaf?” – Talia, referring to buckwheat pancakes, influenced by the character, Maple Leaf, in the hit Amazon children’s series, Tumbleleaf.