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Talia: Daddy, look! I’m vacuuming up all these different stuff! Daddy: Yeah, they’re sesame seeds that Emeth spilled. Talia: [turns vacuum on] … [then off] Daddy, I love you. Daddy: I love [on] you, too, Talia. Talia: [off] Daddy, why does the vacuum make loud stuff? Daddy: I guess because [on] … Talia: [off] Daddy, […]

“That F flat is something I’m really proud of. In order to execute ‘stratospheric ballistics’ as we say in the biz, there are a few secrets I can share. Physiology-wise, you must be critically aware of your pelvis, of course. It’s critically important to elevated the pelvis, like trying to elevate it up to the ceiling of the auditorium. Then you just focus all your being on owning that moment, on being present in that space, thinking stratospheric thoughts, and then screaming as hard as you can. It’s almost a religious experience.” – Tiffan-Y Amber Beefson