“That F flat is something I’m really proud of. In order to execute ‘stratospheric ballistics’ as we say in the biz, there are a few secrets I can share. Physiology-wise, you must be critically aware of your pelvis, of course. It’s critically important to elevated the pelvis, like trying to elevate it up to the ceiling of the auditorium. Then you just focus all your being on owning that moment, on being present in that space, thinking stratospheric thoughts, and then screaming as hard as you can. It’s almost a religious experience.” – Tiffan-Y Amber Beefson

“The world is so full of busy-ness and noise. And that’s what these pieces do, I think. That’s why people are drawn to this kind of music because it speaks what we all know deep in our hearts. This music says, ‘Just sit down, quiet for a moment. Imagine you are in a field. Or an empty room with just a fireplace. There’s nobody around. And you look out the window and it starts to rain gently. You hear pitter-patter on the window. And you feel this peace come over you. You sit in silence, letting it wash over you. Washing away everything.” – Ludovico Vanni Beethovini

Dr. Q is a world-renowned self-help psychologist who took the world by storm a few years ago with his groundbreaking book: Red, White and Q: My Journey Across the USA with No Staff, Bag, Bread, Money or Cell Phone… and Only One Tunic.

Dr. Q has just released another book called In Threes: How Thinking in Threes Can Change Your Life, Help You Sleep Better, Accomplish Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To In Less Time Than You Ever Imagined, and To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams.

Dr. Q has influenced millions of people worldwide who are looking for a simpler way of life. To strip away the distractions modern life throws at us, and to pursue a life that is a question, rather than an answer.

“At first I taste the usual cherry blossom, melon and brown sugar, but then like a boot to the back of the head, a whole new world of flavors begin to open up: maple syrup-soaked pancakes, red wine cork. Even turkey sandwich ziplock bag. Spring mown grass, morning pillowcase, and soggy bread. And it gets crazier: licked scab, frozen grape, rare steak, wood pulp, aluminum tetrachlorohyde. Charlie looks at my like I haven’t even started. Within a minute, I taste it. Post-it notes.” – Mikey Franconini