Momma’s Birthday at the Park

We celebrated Rachel’s birthday at Ridley Creek State Park. We arrived around noon and walked a short distance down a hill to the creek. The kids wanted to take their shoes off and play in the water. We ended up staying in the same spot the whole time!

I carved a birthday spoon for Rache. We snacked on nuts and raisins, and soaked in the sun.

In the afternoon we drove to Terrain at Styer’s to get coffee and walk around, since it’s one of Rachel’s favorite places to visit. It was very crowded, and the kids got excited about (and touched) everything they saw. Especially Emeth. He thought the terrarium’s were amazing. (And they were.)

We tried not to get too nervous about them touching stuff, since everything is overpriced. But we managed to snake through to the coffee shop in safety, and bought two Weckerly’s ice cream’s and two coffees, and sat around the fire pit outside. They didn’t have plates, so the kids used coffee lids instead.

We drove home, and made birthday popcorn with lots of butter. Rache and I added garlic powder and parmesan cheese to ours. For good measure we dipped our pieces in spicy sour cream. It tasted great!