O.C. 2017


Last week we went on vacation to Ocean City, NJ. We almost didn’t make it, though, because our van broke down the day before we were going to leave. Thankfully, our already booked mechanic took pity on us, and we were able to get an emergency fix!

Rache and I got to see the sunrise one morning before the kids got up.



Every morning we’d load up on pancakes, yogurt and berries, then head down to the beach. On Monday Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. So did our friends Matt, Ev, Sto and Leo. It was great to have them all!

Every day was filled with digging holes, flying kites, building sandcastles, swimming, boogie boarding, working on our tans, and eating lots of food.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I got to take the kids down to Hoy’s Five and Ten. They all bought a stuffy and a rubber band gun.

Rache and I got out for plenty of walks while Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop watched the kids. We even got a photo shoot in.


I impressed the kids with my jumping skills. Here a picture from this year and one from 2016.