M: What’s a goal?
D: A goal is like something you want to do or work towards. Like, my goal is to learn Italian.
M: Oh. My goal is to go to school.
E: My goal is to play Legos!


(While reading Mark chapter 1)

M: Was Jesus God’s son?
D: Yes.
M: But I thought he was Joseph’s son.
D: He was.
M: But how could he be both?
D: Well, he wasn’t God’s son, like, God had a wife and then a baby. More like how we’re all God’s children.
E: Maybe we’re all God’s toys.


(Speaking of Vitamin D3 drops)

“I don’t really like this because it doesn’t have any flavors. And I like flavors! Flavors are nice!”  -Annie


“Running is my favorite, but bacon is my very favorite!” – Annie


“I need to wash the stick off.” – Annie, washing maple syrup off her hands

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