It’s been so long since I’ve written anything on the blog that it’s hard to know where to start!

Micaela and Annie are still enjoying school. We met with Micaela’s teacher yesterday to go over her progress. Thankfully she’s assimilated quite well, and is mainly focussing on her spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and math skills. Everyday when she comes home she asks to do “Dreambox,” which is a computer program they use at school to practice math. She really loves it, and is not deterred by failure. She’s very persistent, and has a hunger and thirst for learning, which is encouraging and exciting to see.

Aside from wanting to play Dreambox, she’s usually pretty tired and hungry when she comes home, even though she just had a full lunch at school!

A boy at school asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes, even though she didn’t understand what he meant. It’s funny navigating this as a dad for the first time. I, of course, tried to explain that dating at her age is unnecessary, in so many words, and what this boy might have in mind by the word “girlfriend.” She seemed to get it, though I haven’t heard anything since.

We’ve been turning on some funky jams at night to help the kids release some energy before bed. It doesn’t seem to work that well, but the dancing sure is fun.

This picture doesn’t do justice to how much Talia gets into it, but certainly shows the others in their respective dance zones.

Rachel and I bought running shoes. I went running (for the first time in years) yesterday. The hills around here make it ten times harder. At least that’s what I told myself after five minutes. Besides, it was like in the teens. Too cold. But I won’t give up yet!

Here’s a picture of Micaela and me on one of our recent walks up the hill. She seemed a little mopey after school, so we took a walk. At the end of the walk she said, “Thanks for cheering me up, dad.” Love it.

Cay’s and me
A shot from our walk.

Emeth still is very engrossed in his Legos. Yesterday we built this together as I took a break from work.

Emeth peeking from behind. Boat on left. Our house on right. He even added a fireplace inside.

And here’s a fun beet print that Rachel turned into a face.


We tried our hand at tapping trees. Here’s the kids saying “maple syrup!” We didn’t end up boiling any sap down to syrup yet. But now we can say we tapped some maples. The sap tasted good though. And when it froze, we “chumped” it up (Talia’s word for chunk) and ate the ice.


One recent quote that comes to mind is while reading the section in The Hobbit where the wood-elves capture the dwarves and put them in cells, Emeth says, “I don’t think the elves will eat them in the salad because I saw a picture later in the book where the dwarf-es were still alive.” Salad? Turns out he mistook the word cells for salad. This aural slip, along with many others like it make me wonder what sort of pictures he has in his head while reading.

Quiet, meditative, peaceful piano music recommendations:

  • Joep Beving – Solipsism
  • Víkingur Ólafsson – Philip Glass: Piano Works
  • Lowland Hum – Thin

It’s snowing again!



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  1. Thanks for warming my heart with this blog.  So good to hear from you.  I read parts of it to kathy and Dana Underland, and we had a good laugh. Love you

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