In two minutes

Scene: Vitalia, drawing on the kitchen counter. Daddy, entering the kitchen to fill his glass with water at 10:22 am.
Vitalia: Daddy, are you all done work?
Daddy: No. Not yet.
Vitalia: Did you say, “Yeah”?
Daddy: No. I said, “No.”
Vitalia: Will you be done in two minutes?


Micaela: Dad, I have to do a poster for school about dolphins, humpback whales, killer whales, or bats.
Emeth: How ’bout you do a poster about a humpback bat!

Rachel and I recently hiked to the top of Mount Tom in Woodstock. View from the top at dusk.
A separate hike on Mount Tom with the kiddos.
Posing by the tree.
A snowman we built.
“I’m glad I love my Claire Bear.” – Talia
Just checking the fire.

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