Splinter bugs

Annie: [Walks into my office] Dad, I’m gonna have quiet time in here. But I’ll make sure I watch out for splinter bugs.
Dad: What’s a splinter bug?
Annie: It’s a bug that makes splinters.
Dad: Oh. Really?
Annie: Yeah. Caela told me about it.

When I asked Caela about this…

Micaela: Yeah. There’s little bugs in the attic with splinters in them. And when you step on them they put their splinter in you.
E: Yeah. And they’re all porky* with wood!


Talia: [At the breakfast table] Can I have one, two, six, seven, eight, nine pancakes?
Annie: [Sitting next to her, leans over] Talia, do you mean two?
Talia: Yeah.


Emeth: Dad, what if we turned on all the lights in the whole world. All the candles, all the lights in the house, all the street lights…
Micaela: And the sun…
Annie: …and even God, ’cause he’s the brightest.



After Micaela knit her first hat:
Dad: Let me take a picture!
Micaela: If you send it to mom-mom and pop-pop, tell them I made it.
Dad: Okay. [Click… sends]
Micaela: If you send it, will we still have it?
Dad: Yes.
Emeth: Maybe when you send pictures to people it goes through the chimney.
Dad: Like Santa.
Emeth: But then the grinch might get it!

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