Lottest plantains

“Mom, you’re making the lottest plantains ever!” – Annie, watching Rachel fry plantain slices


“I a good a put my pants on.” – Talia, putting her pants on


Talia: [To Annie] Do you want piddy [pretty] bum-bums*?
Micaela: What does that even mean?!
Emeth: It means your bum-bums are sparkly.
*bum-bum = fart


Annie: I wish this could be my decoration for my bedroom. [Referring to our newly harvested Shiitake mushroom]
Daddy: Oh, yeah?
Annie: Yeah, I like that it’s so soft.


“Christmas is the joy of giving.” – Micaela


“She’s a great comer.” – Micaela, referring to Talia’s willingness to come upstairs to get something with her


[Praying] “Thank you for the snow, because children love snowy days. Thank you that we can have a Christmas tree, and that all our family can come for Christmas. Amen. [To Rachel] I’m a great pray-er about Christmas.” – Annie


“Merry Christmas is Santa Claus’ wife.” – Micaela


Daddy: Talia, can you put that back, please? I don’t want it to break.
Vitalia: I’m not playing with it.
D: What are you doing?
V: I’m ‘tending [pretending].


[Listening to 12 days of Christmas. Song concludes…] “…and a partridge in a pear tree.”
Annie: Pantry?
Micaela: No, pear tree.

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