Bluish blackish night

“I have a stitch in my head, and it’s fun! And I think I can do it!” – Emeth, on his new embroidery stitch idea


“If you’re hot you should eat chili sauce. If your cold you should eat hot sauce.” – Emeth



“The comer outer’s too close.” – Annie, referring to the faucet as she dips her head in the sink to wash her hair



While walking up our hill with Vitalia, dragging a small sled…
V: Can you ride in here with me?
D: I think I’m too big.
V: No, I mean when you get smaller.
D: I don’t think I’m getting any smaller.
V: Well, I’m a big girl.


“Stir it up like bluish, blackish night.” – Vitalia, on her yogurt and frozen blueberry mixture


“It’s all tangy.” – Vitalia, commenting on her tangly hair while reaching for the comb.


“This is a pepperoni book.” – Vitalia, observing the planets on the cover of Exploring Our Solar System


V: Is this Libbery [Liberti] Church?
D: No, this is First Congregational Church of Woodstock.
V: Oh. Is this the Singing Church?
D: Yeah, we sing here.
V: Oh. I love a Singing Church.



E: [Picking his nose] This side is boogie-er. What’s a boogie?
A: It’s a boogie.
M: Boogies are like junk mail. You need to blow the junk mail out of the mail box.


M: Dad, they’re stolar panels.
D: Why?
M: Because they steal the energy from the sun!




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