A zillion

Making ‘incense’ with their sticks
E: Do you know how much is a zillion?
R: No, I’m sorry, bud.
E: Do you know how much is one-hundred-and-nine? That’s nine and two zeros, right?
R: 1-0-9.
E: Oh, ok!

*        *        *

R: Are you poo-poo, Talia?
T: [Shakes her head no.]
R: But I smell it.
T: Well… I wanna weave it in!

*        *        *

‘Vermont’s kind of a fun day.’ – Annie, after spending the day at Montshire Museum of Science.

*        *        *

‘I want to close the scream!’ – Talia, screaming at Annie letting her know that she wants to close the screen door by herself.

*        *        *

‘I wuv dis dinging.’ – Talia, listening to church bells.

*        *        *

‘Daddy, God doesn’t want you to be God.’ – Annie, whispering to me in church during the sermon.

*        *        *

‘I don’t want to die, but God needs me to die.’ – Annie, embracing the necessity of death and resurrection.

*        *        *

‘Little Riding Hood.’ – Annie, while riding downstairs on my back.

*        *        *

‘I could feel you get up in the squish-ness of the bed.’ – Annie, reflecting on mommy getting out of bed that morning.

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