Arrival in Vermont

Morning one in Vermont. View from our kitchen window.

“Can me and Caela ride in the big truck!” Emeth asked when I stepped out of the 20′ U-Haul I rented for our move.

“Sure, bud!” I said, as we walked back to our messy apartment to start grabbing some boxes to load.

On Friday (November 4) we loaded that thing up with the help of family (which I can’t thank enough). My dad spent almost the entire day inside the truck, filling in every crack to make sure we had enough room. And boy did we need the space!


Packing the truck. Halfway full. Good job, Dad.

We said our goodbyes to Rachel’s side of the family, then spent the night at my parents so we could see my sister and brother-in-law for one more dinner together. Well, a sort-of-dinner, with some tired and grumpy children by our sides, making it almost impossible to hear one another. But it was still nice.

Before bed I proclaimed, “We’re leaving at 6am tomorrow morning!” Knowing almost for sure that was a several-hours-earlier-than-realistic estimate for getting out the door.

“And if it doesn’t happen, don’t let yourself get all frumpled up inside,” Rachel whispered.

Wise words, love. Thank you.

Sure enough, Saturday morning came, and we were still eating breakfast by 7:30am. But it was all okay, and we got out the door by 8am or so, joy still intact.

We drove back to our apartment, packed up our remaining food items in the fridge, took one last potty break, and back on the road by 8:50am. Not bad.

Emeth and Caela rode by my side in the U-Haul. We tried to pass the time with some Tippy Tuber stories (our fictional Emeth), and his three sisters, Candlelight (Caela), Buttercup (Annie) and Rosey (Talia). But making up stories on the go really takes a lot out of me, so somewhere in NY we stopped at a rest stop which actually had a natural foods vendor out front. So we picked up some trail mix and apples to hold us over till lunch at the Albany Whole Foods. And coffee! (Sorry, Starbucks.)

By 5:45pm, we arrived at our new home in Vermont. Big thanks to the Malcolms for helping us unload on the other end, and providing a wonderful meal. (We couldn’t have done it without you!)

Also, shout-out to my mom who was able to ride along and spend six days and five nights with us helping us turn this place into a livable, home-y home by Tuesday.

*      *      *

It always seems like such moments – big life transitions – should hit me more as I pass through them. That they should feel more significant. But when they arrive, and I live through them, they seem like just another day. (Which they are.) So for now, I wait for the full weight of this transition to hit me. Loss of close proximity to family, friends and familiarity.

I’m writing from our third floor attic which we transformed into my office. I have a beautiful view out the sole window, overlooking bare trees and lots of brown leaves covering the ground. And a faint blue sky, lit up by the sun on the other side of the mountains.

A lot to do, of course, and we are anticipating some challenges in the days ahead, but trying to stay present in the moment. We are also hopeful and prayerful that God will provide for us every step of the way, as he has over the last thirty one years of life and eight of marriage: emotionally, physically, relationally, materially and spiritually.

More to come in the days ahead. But for now, a few photographs.





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  1. 💛💛💛💛 love you guys!!

    This was good to read. I’ve never been so eager to open one of your emails!

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