“Peoples like momma milk.” – Talia, while nursing.

*      *      *

“What-do-doing, daddy?” -Talia, asking what I’m doing.

*      *      *

“Go so fast! on my cy-gul-gul.” – Talia, riding her tricycle.

*      *      *

A: What are you doing, dad?
D: Jumping the car.
A: What are you going to jump it on top of? The van?

*      *      *

Playing church.

E: Who’s gonna be the pastor?
M: I will! Okay. This is how you bow, and this is how you curtsy.

*      *      *

M: Dad! I’m all done taking a bath! Can you get the towel for me?
D: Are you sure? That was so quick!
M: Yes!
D: Did you wash your feet?
M: Yeah!
D: Your hair?
M: Yeah!
A: Your legs?
M: Yeah!
D: What about your neck?
M: Yeah!
D: Okay!
A: She’s amazing, dad. Right?

*      *      *

In talking about dreams at the dinner table.

A: I don’t like to have dreams.
M: Even if they’re good dreams?
A: Nope. Wait, I have a dream I can tell you about. Caela, you were in it.
M: Okay, tell us!
A: First, I had dinner. Then I went upstairs. Then I went into mommy and daddy’s room. And that’s all.
M: But I wasn’t in that dream. You didn’t even say my name.
A: Well, then, I need to say your name. Micaela and I went upstairs, and we walked like this: Doot-do-doot, do-doo [walking her fingers along the table].
E: Caela, I’ll try to have a dream about you tonight so I can tell you about it in the morning.



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