Sprussel brouts.

Way to suck the wind out of someone’s sail, #4

M: Daddy, how many pizzas are you making? Three?
D: No, two.
M: Two!? I’d think it’d take half as long as you’re taking to only make two.


‘You missed some, dad.’

– Micaela, on observing me sweep

*    *     *

‘Oh I love sprussel brouts!’

– Annie, on seeing brussels sprouts taken out of the grocery bag

*    *     *

R: How are you doing, Talia?
V: Piddy-a-good.

*    *     *

Context: Some mornings we break out the peanut and almond butter for the kids to put on their pancakes. Most mornings we aren’t up for the logistical nightmare. So, Emeth, on seeing daddy try to sneak-scoop peanut butter onto a leftover pancake one afternoon, asked…

E: Daddy, what are you doing?
D: I’m putting peanut butter on my pancake.
E: [Pauses] But why do you not let children have it?

*    *     *


‘Daddy, you know how to draw hearts! But not really.’

– Annie

Emeth’s drawing, #1
Emeth’s drawing, #2
Potential album cover
Annie’s painting
Emeth’s painting



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