Spanking windows

‘My job is to be Micaela and have a happy life.’ – M, on vocation and life purpose

*        *        *

Rachel: Did you have fun at the pool today?
Emeth: I don’t know. I can’t tell. Maybe medium. There were lots of splashes.
R: You mean when Kenny was making waves?
E: Those were fun splashes. I mean the other splashes.

*        *        *

‘I love you, daddy. I love these kind of daddies. They’re so cute!’ – Annie, during snuggle time

*        *        *

Talia: What dat?
Daddy: It’s a dart.
A: It’s for spanking windows.

*        *        *

‘Hey, no advertisements!’ – A, on Amazon Prime advertisements before Levar Burton.

*        *        *

‘You don’t have to be like anybody else. Just be like yourself!’ – M, on the pitfalls of comparison

*        *        *

‘First I had to go poopy, then write “Monday”, then eat my pancake.’ – A

*        *        *

Way to kill a prayer #37

D: …and help us to have peaceful and restful sleep…
M: I don’t like the way your mouth smells.

*        *        *

‘She’s a cutie cat.’ – A,  on the cuteness of Talia.


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  1. 1) That is such a great pic of mud around her eye! (I had to find out wether it was mud or something else!) 2) I love the simplicity of Micaela’s first quote. I think it’s something I could benefit from if I thought of it more. 3) I believe the second quote about the waves is my favorite. It’s cute but also seems to reveal deeper, more specific thoughts that go on in kids heads that they can’t quite formulate into words. At least that’s what I saw in some of it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these.

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