“Daddy, I didn’t know you could make this kind of playhouse!”

I didn’t know either, Micaela. But when inspiration hits, you’ll make it happen, even if it means working through pouring rain.

I started with pallets I’ve had laying around, thinking that might be it, but it just didn’t feel finished. Once the rain started coming down, they asked for a roof. “Of course, a roof. That’s it.” I thought about laying an old tarp across the top. I mentioned the idea to Micaela, and she jumped up and down ecstatically, yelling, “Oh yes! Oh yes please!” Then listening to the gentle rain I imagined a metal roof might be nice. So we drove to the local big box hardware store and picked some ribbed sheets up. Oh the joy of fulfilled imagination!

Back to the van, I tried getting the twelve foot long pieces through the back with the seats down, but they still stuck out the back. So, shears in hand, I cut them to size in the parking lot.

In the meantime, Mommy was on a mission to to local Nursery with Talia to piece some flower arrangements together.

When we reconvened, the rain had ceased. The kids wanted to postpone lunch to finish the roof, but as soon as they smelled those hot dogs frying it was another story.

Bellies full, we went right back to it. We decided Mommy and Annie should go out and get some potting soil, since we didn’t have as much as we thought in the shed. Talia wasn’t pleased with this idea, wanting to go along, and we watched them drive away as the rain started to trickle again. “I need to finish this before the day is over,” I thought. I didn’t know what to do, Talia crying in my arms and all. “I need to get that roof on!” So I offered to get the wagon for her and make a little bed, which she promptly agreed to.

Talia, snug under her mimi (blanky), wagon placed under a porch 0verhang, I went back to work.

The rain persisted, and I prayed, “Lord, how about a little relief from the rain out here!” but it just came down harder. Which only served to keep my faculties of concentration lasered onto each step.

By the end, there wasn’t a dry piece of clothing on us, tools were scattered everywhere, and we were hungry. But it was well worth it, I’d say. They ran to the basement to get little chairs for their house, and rested contentedly under blankets, listening to the pitter-patter of rain on their new steel roof.


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  1. What a wonderful family memory!! Great craftmanship!!!
    The pictures are priceless, thanks for including them!

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