…and dead

After telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood before bed.

M: Daddy, is that based on a true story.
D: No, I don’t think so, since wolves can’t really talk.
M: Oh, right! That’s true.
E: But if a wolf-es is as big as a person, then it could really eat someone. That’s based. Right?

*      *      *

Caela and Emeth sitting next to eat other as they finish dinner.

E: …and we’re still friends when we’re grown up.
M: Yeah, and dead.

*      *      *

Annie runs into the kitchen, and on seeing Talia’s underwear in place of her diaper comments excitedly, bending over and pointing…

A: Hey, where’d they come from?
T: Dat coot… coot pan. [cute pants]

*      *      *

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man
I like it in the oven
I like it out the oven.

– Annie

Caela blowing out candles Talia blowing out candles

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