Tittles and First Lines

I know my God in ways that are love
I know my God through joy is full of love

– Micaela’s song

Annie: Two pinkies! [she found two handkerchiefs in her bed]
Mommy: Nice
A: One is for my bloody nose & one is for my boogies and my drips.

“Are clouds in inner space or outer space?” – Emeth

“He-yoh! He-yoh!” – Talia saying, “Here you go! Here you go!” when handing you something.

Micaela: Daddy, this is one of my favorite verses in the Bible.
Daddy: What verse?
M: [Hands Daddy a piece of paper on which she wrote out Exodus 20:24] “HonoR youRe FAtHeR And youRe motheR tHAt youRe days mAy be LonG in the LAnd tHAt tHe LORD YouRe GOD is GivinG you.”

“Is it in Tittles and First Lines?” – Micaela, while looking for “Amazing Grace” in the Titles & First Lines of the Hymnal index.

“I feel like our whole life is just running around doing things we don’t want to do.” – Rachel, on our place in modern American culture.

Micaela: [Walks into the kitchen while Daddy is washing dishes] Daddy, how do people mate?
Daddy: Make? [Confused about what he heard, having recently been listening to “The Podcast for Makers”]
Micaela: No, mate [really emphasizing the ‘T’] And I don’t want to know how animals mate. Just people.
D: Oh.
M: Because I was reading the nature book we have and it showed a picture of how deers mate. The daddy puts one of his legs underneath the mommy, or something like that?

“My me-maw!” – Talia, saying, “I’m an animal,” while crawling on all fours.

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