Avrything we have is what we need

“It sounds like a bloody nose coming out so fast!”
– Emeth, while listening to Tabla Solo – Jhaptal (Or to listen on Spotify, click here)

*        *        *

“If we stain it with sky, it will match the washcloth.”
– Micaela

*        *        *

“Caela, next time can you say good morning to me?”
– Annie, asking Micaela to say good morning to her when she wakes up

*        *        *

“Is the coffee not too un-strong?”
– Micaela, wanting to make sure her d-coffee [decaffeinated] isn’t too strong before sipping.

*        *        *

“These are decaf clementines because they don’t have seeds.”
– Micaela, explaining to Emeth that he doesn’t need to watch out for seeds

*        *        *

“Fire up the pans
I’m the pancake man
I’ll cook ’em up faster
than the Baker-man can.”
– Daddy, spontaneous rap while making pumpcakes

*        *        *

“There’s so much we don’t know.”
– Micaela

*        *        *

“If you be happy do you have babies?”
– Annie, after watching ‘Happy’ documentary on Netflix

*        *        *

“You’re stuck with me
and I’m stuck with you.
We’re stuck together
with the best kind of glue.”
– Mommy and daddy, spontaneous song in the kitchen

*        *        *

“Thank you for you.
You’re the one I worship,
the whole time I live!”
– Micaela, spontaneous song

*        *        *

“However we do it, we do it.”
– Micaela, summarizing to mommy how daddy managed to take all four children to Cooper River park in the freezing cold, then to the library, while keeping Talia from pulling out every book on the bottom shelf, interspersed with potty breaks in dirty public restrooms, and checking out books.

*        *        *

God bless ore houme
for shaltr and food
we thaingk you
for avreting we need
Avrything we hav
is what we need

And thaingk you
for avreting you maed
– Micaela, poem

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