Contemplative Micaela Jane

“Daddy, want to read my writings?” Micaela asks as she enters the kitchen.  I dry my hands off and sit down with her notebook.  She writes:

Jesus loves me
Love me Jesus
Me I do love you Jesus
Jesus I Love you soso* much
I love Jesus and God too
I love you too so much
I do not stop loveing you too
You too are love for
You too Jesus
And you too God
Jesus and God I love you too [two] loves

This is mi love

*I’ve attempted to keep her original spellings and punctuation throughout, but not her capitalization, as it does not translate well to the screen. Any clarifications are in [brackets].

*        *        *

I love you God
You created me.
Faith is good for me too.
I can imagine you.
I ahv [have] joy in you.

*        *        *

I can believe you God.
I can love in you God.
You created me and you love me
I can imagine you

*        *        *

Jesus you are my won [one] I love.
You’re the won I love soso much.
I do not stop loving you.
Because you are soso good
I love you all the tiaem [time].

*        *        *

I love you and you love me
You created all of you’re pepple [people]
Faith is good for me too

*        *        *

Jesus you are good to me
not only you Jesus lovs me.
But God dos too.
It is good that too av [two of] you love me.
It is soso good too love pepple.
It is vary fun too love pepple

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