The children have abandoned their posts to go ‘play war’ in the living room, and we sit down for seconds at the table.  Freshly picked arugula from the backyard garden, with chopped purple onions and a lemon/olive oil dressing, all dashed with our favorite chipotle chile powder.  Our three minute post-dinner date.  Our unity of silence before the force ten gale blows from the living room.

I tell you Radiohead has some really beautiful songs, and you ask, Wanna play me one?  ‘Scatterbrain’ from Hail To The Thief comes to mind, and I turn the volume up so we can feel it to our bones.  Because aren’t we all just a little scatterbrain at times? I say.  We listen quiet and our feet dance together under the table.

Our house is a war zone.  Life, a field of scattered bones.  But I have you and you have me, and we look at one another with peppery eyes.  Oh, just one look in your eyes and I feel scatterbrain!  You put flesh on my bones.

We say we want to be somewhere we’re not scatterbrain, but we know we won’t be there anytime soon, so we take three to settle into the rhythm of this evening.  Into this scatter that is love.

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