Cimms and punks

M: Daddy, at your new work will they still say you can stay home on Saturdays and Sundays?
D: Yeah.
E: And will they still say that Mom-Mom can come on Fridays?

* * * * *

If we re-use the pickle juice, it’ll be decaf water.

– Micaela

* * * * *

Cimms and punks.

– Emeth,  asking for cinnamon and pumpkin spice in his coconut milk

* * * * *

He washed us white as snowman,
He makes us Crosty [Frosty] Snowman.

– Annie, singing while we make play-dough

* * * * *

D: Look at the sky!
R: It’s so beautiful!
M: I see blue, yellow, orange…
E: And beach color!








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