Bring-backs, butterballs and brussels

Don’t worry, don’t worry
You’ll be alive all the time of your life

– Spontaneous song by Micaela and Annie

* * * * *

Why do the neighbors plant flowers but mow the flowers in their grass?

– Emeth

* * * * *

Context: When daddy makes burgers he is faithful to weigh the mass, then divide it by six, so everyone receives an equal share. 

E: Daddy, maybe next time you make hamburgers you could do four grams.
D: Four?!  I did ninety grams each.
M: Gramma Robins is ninety.

* * * * *

There’s a lot of ‘bring backs’ in that song.

– Micaela, after singing My Bonnie

* * * * *

This [is] mommy and daddy singing!

– Annie, while listening to Sufjan Steven’s, Greetings From Michigan

* * * * *

E: Caela, can you come upstairs with me to get my sweatshirt?
M: Sure! Annie, you wanna come too?
A: Sure!
E: Let’s all go so then we won’t be afraid!
M: Yeah, then we could all be happy together!

* * * * *

Daddy, when it’s just you singing by yourself without mommy, I can still hear her singing.

– Micaela, singing before bed while mommy was running errands

* * * * *

Context: Conversation at the dinner table. To Annie, cute and small are synonymous.

A: I hear a sweeper last night.
D: Yeah? Outside?
A: Yeah. [pause] Why I choke on a bwussel spout [brussel sprout]?
D: I guess it was too big.
A: I not choke on a cute bwussel spout.

* * * * *

How come Caela can’t curl her tongue but I can, even though she’s older than me?

– Emeth

* * * * *


– Annie, saying ‘excuse me’

* * * * *

This is how God makes the moon – he just lights a candle!

– Emeth, on creation

* * * * *

I wear that when I get small.

– Annie, about Talia’s dress

* * * * *

Context: Middle of the night, Emeth running a 102 degree fever, laying on the couch in and out of sleep.

E: Why are there animals in here?
D: There aren’t any animals in here, bud.
E: But what’s that?
D: That’s a pillow.
E: Oh… wait, why is the living room outside?

* * * * *

Mommy! My favorite nuts is butterballs.

– Annie, chiming in with the other children on what her favorite ‘nut’ is

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