Beav it up

Emeth, playing with dust pan and broom, imagining broom is a beaver.  Places ‘beaver’ at foot of kitchen table leg.

E: Daddy, I’m gonna put the beaver right here so that he can beav up the table.
D: Beav it?
E: Yeah.  He will beav it up and then the whole table will fall down!
[Then later, speaking to the beaver…]
E: Beaver, I wonder why you beav trees up.  Maybe ’cause you love to!

* * * * *

I need a quash-wash!

– Annie, requesting a wash-cloth after dinner

* * * * *

On a Saturday.

E: Daddy, it must be Sunday.
D: Why’s that?
E: Because there’s sun out!

* * * * *

This is my vacu-veen, and it’s bringing my water into my mouth.

– Emeth, comparing his straw to a vacuum

* * * * *

Annie and Micaela dressing their dolls, sitting on the kitchen floor next to the radiator.

A: I not wanna die in ner.
M: You won’t die in there.  It’s just a heater.  It’s just a little hot.
A: Oh.
[Emeth walks over]
E: Annie, wait!  That’s not your baby!
A: My baby!
E: That’s not your baby!
A: My baby!
M: Emeth, if you stop talking about it she’ll stop saying it’s her baby.

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