Down the pipes

While walking through snowy woods at Ridley Creek State Park.

M: Watch out for the prickly things while you walk!
E: I’m watch outing for them!

* * * * *

M: Look! Mommy!  The water’s strong to hold the celery’s up!
R: Oh, they’re floating.
M: Yeah, floating.

* * * * *

I like ‘cado but I don’t like guacamole ’cause it be’s spicy.

– Emeth, on his dislike of yellow onions, even when hid in guacamole

* * * * *

Daddy, I think I have enough clothes now, but people keep giving them to us!

– Emeth, after receiving another bag of clothes from a friend

* * * * *

Daddy, by accident I threw my pinky in the toilet!

– Micaela, after accidentally throwing her handkerchief in the potty.  As a child, she named her handkerchief a pinky because one of the corners was pink.

* * * * *

Daddy, are there any other colors you could use besides red for coloring flowers that mean you love Jesus?

– Micaela, while drawing and coloring at the kitchen table

* * * * *

If you flush-ded a person, would a person fit down the pipes?

– Emeth, in response to Micaela’s inquiry about how it is that the pipes don’t get clogged when you flush the toilet

* * * * *

Daddy, it’s not working!

– Annie, jumping not even a 1/2″ off the kitchen floor while holding on to a chair, over and over again, because this particular spot on the floor wasn’t making the particular noise she was looking for.

* * * * *

Tut, tut, dats wike wain!

– Annie’s “Tut, tut, it looks like rain”

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