“Why did they screw him to the cross?”

 The children are lying in bed, blankets tucked, and songs sung.  Just when I think we are done, Emeth and Micaela begin to have a conversation about Jesus on the cross.  This was likely triggered in Emeth’s mind from looking at the Benedictines of Mary, “Ephesus at Lent” CD, which has an image of Jesus hanging on the cross.

E: I didn’t see a hook on the cross.  Why did they nail him to the cross?
M: Emeth, they didn’t nail him, they screwed him to the cross.  Daddy, why did they screw him to the cross?
D: It says that they nailed him.
M: How did they put the nails in?
D: They probably used a big hammer.
M: How big?
D: Probably big enough to hit big nails.
M: Well how big would the nail be?
D: Probably be at least this long [holds up hands].
M: Wow!  That’s not too long.  You mean the screw?
D: The nail.
M: The nail?

E: Daddy, why did they nail him? ’cause that hurts.
M: Why did they not like what Jesus was saying, even though Jesus was saying good things?
D: I think because the things that he was saying to them, even though they were good, they were… [not sure what to say] things that they didn’t want to hear.  He was telling them that they needed to follow God and… not themselves.
M: But you can make your choice to follow God or you don’t have to.
D: Yes, but the things that he was saying to them… he was telling them that they needed to change everything about their lives that they were doing… they needed to repent and turn away from their sins.  The things they were doing that they loved… Jesus was telling them that they needed to change and they didn’t want to.
M: And then the flood would come?
D: No, that was with Noah.
M: Did the flood take them?
D: Who?
M: The people that screwed him on the cross.
D: No.  That was many thousands of years before Jesus.
M: How many years do you think it was from now?
D: I guess I don’t really know.
M: Could some of the earth flood, but not the whole earth?
D: Yes, there are floods in some parts of the earth.
M: Well, how does the flood not come to this place?  Why does the flood not keep overflowing?
D: Sometimes a place will flood if there’s too much rain, then the rain will drain back into the soil and the ocean.

E: Daddy, um… snack bowls… they can… hear um… a seashore.  When I put them on my ear.
D: That’s fun.  [motions to get up]
M: Daddy, I really want to keep talking with you.
D: What do you want to talk about?  Is there something else that you were thinking about?
M: No, I just want to talk about things but there’s nothing that I thought I wanted to talk about them.  [pauses] One of them was about communion if there’s anymore we could talk about.
D: There’s more that we could talk about communion.
M: Why is there a lot to talk about it with?
D: I mean, we could read about it now, then I need to go wash the dishes and put Talia to bed.

E: Daddy, I really want to talk with you.
D: I can talk with both of you.
A: Wan’ a talk!
M: But daddy, I don’t know what other parts we could talk about it.  Because when you read the Bible, if there’s questions that I want to talk about it.
D: I can read about communion, then I need to go wash the dishes [opens to Matthew]
E: Can you do it?!
D: Sure.

E: Daddy, I wish us could have a little earth that was like in a circle and it was flat, so they don’t wanna fall over… and the water wouldn’t move, and the land… we could have little boats.
M: Why, when you look at a globe, why do you not see the houses and people and flowers?
D: They would be too small to see.
E: Daddy, where do we live?
D: In New Jersey.
E: Daddy, we lived in New Jersey two times.  New Jersey, New Jersey!

D: [reads from Matthew 26]
E: Daddy, why when we take bathses, why do our hair gets curly?
D: I don’t know.
E: Daddy, remember on the camping trip a man changed a fire different colors?
D: Did he?  I wasn’t there.
M: And he had a powder or something and he put it in the fire and it changed colors.  What’s kingdom?
D: Kingdom is like… If you were a king, your kingdom is what you rule over.
M: It’s hard to understand.

E: Why did me and Caela come on the camping trip with mom-mom and pop-pop, not Annie and Talia and you guys?
D: I think we stayed home because we were sick.
E: Why?
D: Because we were sick.  Let’s talk some more tomorrow, in the morning!
E: No!
A: Yeah!
M: Daddy can you stay home in the morning, please, can you?
D: I have to go to work.
E: Why?
M: Two times?
D: Three more times.
E: Then you can stay home four times!
A: Hug, kiss?!


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