Milk in ner

Conversation: Milk before bed

E: Daddy, my belly hurts from drinking this milk.
D: Maybe you should stop drinking it then.
E: But I can have raw milk.
D: You’re right, bud.  That is raw milk.
E: But I really want to finish it.
D: [dizzy from the redundancy of conversation] Bud, if you want your belly to hurt, then finish your milk.  It’s time for bed.
E: Okay! [drinks]
Annie: Milk in ‘ner!  [pointing to her belly button after drinking two full glasses]

* * * * *

Comments while watching Lowland Hum’s new Christmas video, “Christmas Time Is Here” 

E: Daniel’s wearing a silly hat.  There’s a leaf on that hat.
M: Lauren’s voice is beautiful.
E: Why’s only Lauren singing?
M: Why are there lights on the piano?
E: That’s a silly piano.

While watching “Silent Night

M: They’re singing the right words, but making a different melody.  That’s okay!

* * * * *

E: Daddy, this is ten [holding up all fingers on both hands], and this is five! [closing fingers in one hand]
D: Yeah, bud!
E: Now I’m three, then I’ll be four, then I’ll be ten!
D: No, bud.  Next you’ll be four, and then five.
A: I ten?!
D: No, Annie.  You’re two and then you’ll be three.
A: Oh!
E: And then Annie will be as three as me!

* * * * *

[Micaela standing at open window, with nose against screen.  Blows out of her nose, mucus spread on screen]
D: Caela!  Don’t blow your nose on the window screen!
M: Oh.

* * * * *

E: [from the next room, getting ready for bed] Daddy!  Will we die one time and then come back to life?

* * * * *

After singing The Eyes of the Lord before bed, everyone out of rhythm, out of tune, and some not knowing all the words

M: Daddy, I like when we’re singing altogether because it’s so beautiful, like a little choir!
E: Like a little church!  Like a little house!


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