Growing up pretty well

Caela, you look taller in that pretty dress. [Turning to mommy] She’s growing up pretty well.

– Emeth

* * * * *

Wake up, my little darling
The light is up, darling.

– Micaela, singing to herself

* * * * *

Emeth: Mommy? One time you holded a mouse by its tail and you buried it.
Mommy: Yeah, bud.  Poor little guy.
Emeth: Yeah.  Maybe he will grow up soon.
Mommy: Oh, like a plant?
Emeth: Yeah.

* * * * *

Daddy: [Singing] “Nothing can for sin atone, nothing but the blood of Jesus.”
Micaela: What does ‘tone’ mean?
Daddy: Atone?  It means… to pay the price.  Nothing can pay the price for our sin but the blood of Jesus.
Micaela: Oh, like the song we were singing last night, ‘Jesus Paid It All’?
Daddy: Yeah.
Micaela: Oh.  Only Jesus can pay the price?
Daddy: Yes.  Only Jesus.

* * * * *

Micaela: Daddy, is lunch ready?
Daddy: [Frustrated with how long it’s taking] I don’t know.  I’m going as fast as I can.
Micaela: You don’t have to go fast.  Take your time!

* * * * *

Oh faithfulness, I fear thee
The fear of you and comfort me.

– Micaela, singing from her “Hymnbook”

* * * * *

These are beautiful songs.

– Micaela, Review of “Four Sisters” EP by Lowland Hum, which is released today

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