Bacon powder, bacon cake, intestimonies, and pinkies

Emeth: What’s that?
Daddy: Baking powder.
Emeth: Can we put the bacon powder on our bacon?

* * * * *

We should save some bacon for my bacon cake.

– Emeth, referring to his third birthday when we made an egg casserole with bacon in it for breakfast.  There were candles on top.

* * * * *

Micaela: I feel bones in the back, but not in the front.
Mommy: Yeah, in your belly there are mostly muscles and organs, like your stomach, and intestines, and…
Micaela: [Interrupting] Yeah, like testimonies.

* * * * *

He uses his pinky finger for a pinky because he goes like this.

– Micaela, as she sticks her pinky finger up her nose.  Pinky is the way she first said hanky.  We’ve been calling them pinkies ever since.

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