Selfer-mints, wollers, and ear buddies

We have little homeopathic “circle vitamins” (cell salts) that the kids love to take.  They ask for them at every meal.  In our most recent conversation about circle vitamins, Micaela said, “I want to call them supplements.”  (Mommy has been taken a lot of supplements lately.)  Emeth remarked, “I don’t want call them selfer-mints.”

* * * * *

Daddy: [Reading Luke 8:41 before bed] “And there came a man named Jairus, who was a ruler of the synagogue.”

Emeth: Why he a woller [roller]?

Daddy: [Not hearing the distinction in his diction] He was like the king of the synagogue.  He was in charge.

Emeth: Would he woll play-dough? …

[Interrupting later in the reading] When we go to a beach we should put wheels on da woft bed so we can woll it on a sand.  But den we should take a wheels off so it won’t woll in da ocean.

* * * * *

Emeth: Is Caela hanging my shorts up?
Mommy: Yeah.
Emeth: I love her too!

* * * * *

Micaela: I was thinking that sometime daddy and I could sing together while I play the piano.

* * * * *

Mommy was putting away the phone charger.  Micaela asks from across the room, “Are those ear buddies?”

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