Sound it out – part 2

Micaela continues to experiment with writing by sounding words out in her mouth, then writing the letter sounds she hears.  I admire that she continues to do this, even though she knows they are not correct.  She is willing to take a risk, and to learn from her mistakes. – j

DOR (door)
NHOTBK (notebook)
FLFLOPS (flip flops)
KRPAT (carpet)
FLAEG (flag)
BAEGE (baggy)
PAPR (paper)
VTALEI (Vitalia)
DAGR (danger)
SELIN (sea lion)
KRTN (curtain)
KOT (coat)
BABE (baby)
BIX (box)
KHP (cup)
SNAK (snake)
KABAG (cabbage)
PAK PAK (pack-pack)
DHBK (dump truck)
BLIX (blocks)
KARHS (carrots)
BOS (boots)
BLAKT (blanket)
OHIT PT (white paint)
DOR NIB (door knob)

Read Sound it out (Part 1) here.

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