Cozy shorts, swimming dreams, and rain

Emeth: What these letters? [Pointing to his shorts]
Mommy: 9 and 4.  They are numbers.
Emeth: Do they spell “cozy shorts”?

* * * * *

It’s raining so hard!  As hard as a cheetah!

– Micaela, On the occasion of a torrential downpour

* * * * *

Do dreams swim like fish?

Daddy, in the morning I wanna have a bwanna for breakfas.

– Emeth, Thoughts that interrupt prayer before bed

* * * * *

Micaela: Daddy, look!  I see a balloon floating up to the clouds.
Daddy: I don’t know Caela.  It might not make it up that high.  It might pop first.
Micaela: Well, I think it will.  And when it pokes a hole in the clouds, maybe it will rain.

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