India, Talia flowers, and cucumbers

When we go to India we will have to make a lot of kombucha so we can share it with them.  They are going to like it!

– Micaela

* * * * *

Micaela, Emeth and Annie were outside with their tricycles turned upside-down, spinning the wheels with their hands as fast as they could, imagining they were moving speedily along.

M: Daddy, can you help us get to India?
D: Well, how long is it going to take?
M: [Wide-eyed with hands spreading outward] Millions!
D: Millions of what?
M: Millions of fish!

* * * * *

I love these flowers.
They are soft.
They are Talia flowers.

Emeth, about the azalea bud sitting on our desk

* * * * *

Cay-a, put your birthday shoes on; your birthday’s coming!

Emeth, to Micaela, on her birthday

* * * * *

Micaela walked over to me holding a piece of wood with the letter q on it.

M: Daddy, is this a b?
D: I think it’s actually a q if you turn it upside-down.

Micaela walked back over to Emeth to explain.

M: Daddy said, “Actually it’s a small q if you turn it upside-down.”
E: q like a cucumber.
M: Yeah.

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