Conversation at breakfast

Micaela and Emeth

We have been reading the story of Moses in Exodus, going through the ten plagues.

Micaela: Why would he not let the people go after the frogs went away?
Daddy: Well, I guess it was because Pharaoh was not a nice king.
Micaela: Why was he not a nice king?
Daddy: I think because he only cared about himself.
Micaela: Why did he only care about himself?
Daddy: I guess… I don’t know.
Micaela: Maybe because he wanted to be the only king.
Emeth: Sometimes Caela spits her water out of her mouth, then spits it on the floor.  That’s silly.
Micaela: Actually, I think it’s more funny than silly.
Emeth: Is Jesus a King?

Micaela and Emeth1

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