Micaela teaches Emeth about the Weather

Emeth and Micaela reading weather book

Earlier in the evening Emeth busted his lip.  A bit swollen, some of his words came out more slurred and lisped than usual.  This is a transcription of their evening conversation while looking at the Weather Book.

[On the page, a hot air balloon is drifting into the sunset.]

E: Is ‘ere wots a seats in dere?
M: No.
E: Just one?
M: Yeah, only one person could fit.
E: Oh.  Why onwy one person?
M: Cause there’s not enough space…

[She turns the page. A statue of an early northern European weather god named Thor is in the upper left hand of the page.]

E: [Interrupting] Wook at dat!
M: Wait, that’s not so bad.  That’s not scary.
E: Do dat have a mouth?  That’s his mouth.  Is that a betend sing?  [Pointing to the “thing” Thor is holding up to his mouth.]
M: Mmm.  I don’t know if it’s pretend or real.
E: Wook at that!  [Pointing to Osiris, the fertility god of ancient Egyptian mythology.]  That’s silwy.
M: Yeah, that’s silly man.
E: What’s both dose?  [Pointing to the Florentine thermometer and the Condensation Hygrometer.]  Think they are things.  [Pointing specifically to the Florentine thermometer] Think they are whites [lights].  Think that’s a white.
M: It looks like those are candles.
E: Oh.  Think dat’s the candle in the bed-drum [bedroom].
M: Well, I don’t know.

[Micaela turns the page to reveal a depiction of the Académie des Sciences in Paris.]

E: Think dat’s at night.  Will dere house fall?
M: It might fall since… ’cause I don’t know if they live close to the… um… ocean.
E: Think dey do.
M: Well, I don’t know, ’cause I can’t see outside of their house.
E: It might fall.  It will happen.  Their house fall alweady!
M: Mmm… It didn’t fall.  The page is just ending.
E: Oh.  Look at that.  Do we have a clock like that? [A barometer]
M: Actually, that doesn’t look like a clock.
E: Do it have a thing on it?
M: What are you talking about?
E: On here.

[On the next page there is a sidebar with some seasonal proverbs, a drawing of a peacock, and a few men plowing a field with a pair of oxen.]

E: A duck! [Pointing to the peacock.]
M: Um, actually, that’s not a duck.
E: Is it a geese?
M: Um, actually, not a geese.
E: Is it a animal?  Are those animals? [Pointing to the oxen.]
M: Yep.
E: Dat one’s not a cow!
M: Yeah, it’s not a cow.
E: What it dis, dough?
M: Um, it’s a peacock.
E: Why peacocks like dat?
M: It looks… We saw a peacock at the zoo.  It was a daddy one.  It was so pretty!
E: Is dat a mommy peacock?
M: Yeah, that’s a peacock, too.
E: Is dat a mommy one?
M: Well, I don’t know.  It could be a daddy one or a mommy one.
E: Think it’s a mommy one.
M: Well yeah, I would guess!  Since the daddy one’s are pretty.

[Page 73 reveals a black and white photo of an International Meteorologist Organization members meeting, with men in dark suits, sitting and standing as though they were posing for a school picture.]

E: They at the church.
M: Actually… well yeah, that looks like a concert.
E: Yeah.  Its have wots of people.
M: Somebody’s preaching.

[On the next page, for reasons not known, there is a silhouette of an angel flying through the air with a trumpet in his mouth, an airplane dropping bombs over Japan in 1944, and men in a control room with hundreds of knobs.]

E: What is he’s doing?  Why he have a trumpet… and flying?
M: Actually, I think that might be… Wait I think…
E: Think dat’s a trumpet.  What’s that?
M: It looks like a hollicopter.
E: Think dat’s a airpwane.
M: Well it looks like a… it’s a hollicopter.
E: Um, airpwanes have wots of seats.  They do [attempting to convince her.]
M: No they don’t!
E: Do one person fit in dere?
M: No, a lot a people.
E: Why people don’t have wots of seats? […] What dat?
M: Angel.
E: It’s not.
M: It is.  Why dat’s a boy angel?
M: Actually, umm.  It look… It’s a girl angel.  ‘Cause I see it’s a girl angel if I look really close.  [Taking a closer look] Yeah it is.  His face looks pretty.  [Now addressing Rachel] Mommy, is that in a airplane?  Are they working on the buttons?
R: I’m not sure.
M: Well it seems like it could be.
E: Think that’s is a diff-ent [different]…
M: No, that’s a airplane.
E: Think dat is a pwiano. [Now pointing to the control room.]
M: Plano [indignantly]!
E: White [right]?  Its a pwiano!

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