In Which: Emeth Narrows Down His Life Purpose

A conversation between Emeth and Micaela, which took place on the kitchen floor while looking through A.A. Milne’s collection of poems, Now We Are Six.

E: What’s those two boys?
M: Actually, that’s a girl.  That’s a baby.
E: Why baby’s are girls?
M: Actually, some of them are boys and girls.  Like only…
E: (Interrupting) Is this a girl?
M: Um, Yeah.  This one’s a girl.
E: Oh.  Why’s she have long hair?
M: Actually hers is kind of like short.
E: Oh.  Do he have long hair?
M: Um, his is kind of short too.  His is kind of like yours.
E: Oh.  Mine is shorter, too.
M: Yeah.
E: (Turning the page)  There’s a mean kitty cat.  That’s a mean kitty cat.  That’s a mean kitty cat.  Is that a mean kitty cat Cay-a [Caela]?  There’s a mommy kitty cat!
M: Actually, that looks like something else.
E: Think it’s a kitty cat.
M: I think that’s something else.  I think they’re bears.
E: (Turning the page)  There’s Winnie the Poohs!
M: Actually, that looks like something else, ‘cause Winnie the Pooh is orange.  (Pointing to the page) He’s a little black.
E: Why they are not black?  There’s his [Winnie the Pooh’s] dog.  Why he love dogs?
M: I don’t know.
E: There’s swings!  Winnie the Pooh love that.
M: That’s your swing and then mine is on another one.  Mine is somewhere else.
E: Emeth’s Winnie the Pooh.  I call Emeth’s Winnie the Pooh.  He can ride on that swing. (Pause)  They are silly.
M: That’s me, and then that’s daddy, that’s you.
E: I want to be taller.  I love being taller.
M: Yeah, (putting her arm around Emeth) and you like to be cozy, and I like to be cozy, and daddy’s not as cozy.  That’s the prince, that’s the king.  That’s a princess.
E: (Pointing to the page) I like be a prince.
M: (Correcting him) Actually, I said that was the king and that was the prince.  (Then changing her mind) Actually, I think that’s the king.
E: Think they both are cozy.
M: Yeah.  We’ll this one looks cozier.  These two look cozier than this one.
E: Yeah.  I think that is a king.  I love be a king!
M: Well, yeah, since I said, “I think that’s a king up there.”  The other one’s a prince.
E: (Disagreeing) Think that one’s a prince.
M: Um, I think it’s something else.
E: Think a prince are red.
M: Well, they’re different colors.  They have all different color clothes on.  [Excitedly] It’s almost gonna be Spring!  [Then almost in a whisper] It’s Spring now.
M: (Chanting) Chicken hen!
M&E in unison: (Emeth chimes right in) Chicken hen!  Chicken hen!  Chicken hen! […]

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