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Yesterday we drove up to Southampton to look at a piano. I’ve been itching to play again, so I’ve been browsing on Craigslist for an upright Yamaha or Kawai. There are a few nice ones, but mostly out of our price range. The one we saw yesterday was decently priced, but when I tried it […]

In explaining to Talia why we had to take the van to the mechanic… Rachel: …so they can check the brakes to make sure they work right. Talia: Do the goers work? *   *   * Context: Every morning my alarm clock goes BOING!!! BOING!!! BOING!!! During Caela’s puppet show tonight she was pretending her puppet […]

Talia: Dad, can I have a piece of popcorn? Me: Not yet. I need to add the salt. Talia: [In whiny voice] But I really want one… Me: Just wait, honey. Talia: [Yelling as loud as she can] PRETTY PLEASE!!!